Food Poisoning And How To Prevent It

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July 11, 2017
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Food Poisoning And How To Prevent It

Food Poisoning is a common problem. It is an acute condition caused by the ingestion of contaminated food.

Organisms typically responsible for food poisoning include Shigella, Salmonella, E.coli and many more.



E. coli







Foods that are typical sources of these organisms include raw shellfish, raw eggs, raw meat/poultry, and milk. Food that’s not stored, handled or cooked thoroughly at the right temperature is also a strong breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning.

To avoid Food Poisoning, always follow these steps:

  • Make sure your food is cooked thoroughly and hot all the way through.
  • Store cold foods in a refrigerator at a temperature below.
  • Don’t leave cooked foods out at room temperature for too long.
  • Always wash your hands with water and soap before eating and after handling foods during cooking.A
  • void cross-contamination of food, especially when using utensils like spoons, knives, work surfaces and  chopping boards.
  • Store uncooked poultry/meat on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to avoid contamination onto other foods.
  • Cool leftover food, then cover and refrigerate.

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