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Vegetables are the fleshy parts of plants, the root, stem and leaves.

Vegetables provide many nutrients for our bodies. They are made up of living cells containing all the essential compounds necessary for healthy life. Eating them gives our bodies far more needed nutrition than eating highly processed flour products.

As the fibrous vegetable materials moves through your gut, it scrapes away gumming debris that get stuck to the walls of the intestine. this cleaning effect improves your body’s ability to absorb nutrition by exposing the lining of the intestine directly to new nutrients passing along. keep munching your carrots, cucumber, garden egg, cabbage and lettuce.

To get the full benefits of the Vitamins and nutrients of vegetables
they are better eaten raw after washing them thoroughly in water. For salads, the vegetables should be fresh, crisp and completely dry.

In cooking vegetables, make sure that the nutrients are preserved to the maximum benefit. To boil vegetables like carrots and broccoli they should be thoroughly washed, cut up and added to per-boiled water to which a pinch of salt has been added. Little amount of water is needed just to cover the vegetables. To prevent loss of nutrients, the pot should be covered while vegetable is cooking. Cooking should be for a short time as possible. They are cooked when they are just soft to the touch. To prevent loss of nutrients in vegetables, it is advised to steam or boil them in their own juices on a slow fire. Overcooking vegetables for a long time in large quantity of water makes them loose their nutrients and medicinal values.

It is better to consume vegetables with their skin on. Most root vegetables have their nutrients just below the skin.

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