April 15, 2017
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April 17, 2017
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Foods Good For Our Eyes


Almost everyone of us have hard the saying that carrots are good for our eyes. Did you know that is not totally true. I just hard this myth broken by Dr Ox, an American heart surgeon, wellness promoter and a Tv host.  The story goes does: During the world war 11, the British discovered what is called radar, with which they were able to see the German planes on missions to bomb Britain in advance and short the German planes down. Because the British did not want the Germans to know their secret  discovery , they started the propaganda that because the British ate a lot of carrots, they were able to see long distances better than the Germans.
Eating carrots is indeed good for our bodies, because it contains multiple nutrients. The best food for our eyes according to Dr Ox  are green vegetables of all types.

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