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Nigerian Pepper Soup

Nigerian pepper soup is a very spicy, aromatic broth that’s very delicious. Pepper soup is a nation wide delicacy varied in style and contents depending on the part of the country you are in. It warms you up when it is very cold, relives you when you have the flu, good when a woman has just been delivered of a baby and soothing when recovering from any ailment.

Types of Pepper Soup:

Fresh Fish pepper soup
Chicken pepper soup
Goat meat pepper soup
Sea food pepper soup (fish and shrimps)

I am preparing the Fish Pepper soup.


500g Fresh Fish (any fish of your choice, tilapia, croaker or cat fish
Few Scent leaves, parsley, oziza or basil leaves
1 table spoon ground crayfish
1 medium size onion
Pepper soup spices like Calabash nutmeg, oziza  (pre-packaged pepper soup spices can be found in African stores abroad)
2 small pepper – Habanero or chilli pepper (to taste)
Salt (to taste)
2 stock cubes

Wash, clean and cut up the fish into 1 inch slices, place in a pot, pour pre boiled hot water over the fish, stir and drain the water immediately. This is to firm up the skin so it does not easily come off while cooking.
Wash the vegetables and chop them up.
Place the pepper and onions in a blender, add a little amount of water, process until very smooth. Pour this into a cooking pot, add a cup of water or as needed, add the spices and cray fish, allow to cook for about 20 minutes. Add the fish, stock cubes, cover and allow to cook for further 25 minutes. Add the vegetable, allow to simmer for 5 minutes, Salt to taste.
Pepper Soup is always more delicious when eaten hot.
This can be severed with boiled rice, sweet potatoes or yams.

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