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Daily Health Wealth SALAD OF THE DAY

This Healthy Light Meal or snack consist of Cucumber, Carrot and Tuna Flakes.  This crunchy salad tastes heavenly when eaten alone or in combination with other foods like toast, sweet potatoes (roasted, boiled, or steamed), rice, boiled plantain and boiled yams.

The cucumber is low in fat, bad cholesterol, sodium and its water content of about 95% wards off dehydration. It is also loaded with vitamins.

Carrots, aside from also consisting about 85% of water is also loaded with vitamins. The lutein and carotenoids characteristics of carrots are said to be good for eye health.

Tuna fish has a very high lever of omega 3 fatty acids, which help to reduce omega-6 fatty acids and cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels, thereby reducing coronary heart disease.

Eating onions could lower the risk of several types of cancer, improve mood and maintain the health of skin.

1 Medium size cucumber
2 Medium size carrot stick
1 Small can of Tuna flakes in water
1 Medium size onions

No cooking time.

Wash the cucumber, chop or dice it up
Wash the carrots, chop or dice it up
Clean and chop up the onions
Pour all chopped ingredient into a medium size mixing bowl
Add the tuna. Mix all together. I have added onions because it contains fiber and folic acid.
Your salad is ready. Enjoy it.

This salad serve six persons.


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