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Healthy Breakfast (Oats Meal With Nuts And Fruits)
March 25, 2017
The Goodness Of Water
March 27, 2017
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Spinach is one of the leafy vegetable that passes as super-food because  it is loaded with abundant vitamins and minerals. It does not contain fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate.
Spinach can be eaten raw when added to salads, smoothies, sandwich or to other foods like soups and cooked grains.
Many possible health benefits of eating spinach include the following:
– improving blood glucose control in diabetics
– lowering blood pressure (potassium contained is spinach helps to
Control the sodium in the body)
– improving bone health. (Vitamin K in spinach aids calcium
– lowering the risk of cancer.
– lowering the risk of developing asthma (through beta- carotene
contained in spinach)
– high level of fiber and water content of spinach promotes
– Vitamin A in spinach aids sebum which keeps hair moisturized,
collagen which provides structure to skin is maintained by the
abundant Vitamin C in spinach.
– Rich iron content in spinach helps prevent hair loss.
– Older adults taking antibiotics and diuretics are more likely
to have a magnesium deficiency and should eat more leafy greens
like spinach.

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