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Aging Gracefully

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Yes, this is a very needed topic. If you desire to age gracefully you must be prepared for change in some areas of your life. Probably some of us already know that it is good to exercise, eat right, get at least six hours of sleep every night, refrain from smoking and don’t drink heavily.

Growing old is an accomplishment. Do not get bugged down about aging. If you start thinking about it, it can drive you crazy. As you should know there is nothing you can do about it, the clock is going to tick away.

If you are lucky to be older, you have survived a lot of the threats to your physical and psychological integrity that have affected other people who are no longer around. The people who do the best with aging aren’t thinking that much about getting older. They do not focus on what’s not working. If you sit around mulling over the meaning of existence and how time is running out, you are not going to age gracefully..

Accept the inevitable changes of aging, rather than seeing them as crises. If you live to be 90 years old, you are probably not going to be living alone in a big house, wash your car, clean your house and drive yourself to church on Sunday. If you know that ahead of time, it’s easier to manage it. People who think rigidly do not know that to age gracefully, one has to anticipate the changes that are inevitable.

Continue to find things that are important to you. That can include spiritual pursuits, travels, hobbies, new social groups, lifelong learning.

It has been studied at the University of Cambridge and proved in the UK that people with ages of 45 and 79 in the 1990s who followed the steps below added 14 years to their life span.


1. No smoking
2. Performing regular exercise
3. Drinking moderate amount of alcohol
4. Eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.


  1. Taiye says:

    It’s wonderful to see you continue to do new things Big Mummy. No wonder you keep looking You… More grace ma’am.

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