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Aging Signs

1. In your early forties you notice your site is fading. Usually a non prescription glasses helps.

2. Your joints start acing though not everyone gets acing joints. When you are 60 and over, it is common to get pain or stiffness in hands, neck, back, knees or hips.

3. Some people may have harder times hearing.

4. Many older people from 75 years may not be sexually active.

5. You might get constipated more easily. It’s very common as you age. What can you do? Keep active, eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day.

6. From ages 30-70 men may lose an inch of height, women sometimes as much as 2 inches. At 80 years you might shrink more.

7. Women grow hair on the chin or upper lips. It is part of aging.

8. Your skin begin to shrink and wrinkles appear.

9. You take longer to fall asleep.

10. You become more forgetful.

11. Bladder problems become common.

12. I advice you start looking on the sunny side of life.

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