Asparagus & Mushroom Soup
December 19, 2016
Nigerian Spicy Fresh Fish Soup (PEPPER SOUP)-daily health wealth
Nigerian Spicy Fresh Fish Soup (PEPPER SOUP)
December 31, 2016
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Marinated Cucumber Salad

Marinated Cucumber Salad-daily health wealth

2 medium Cucumbers
1 tablespoons Salt
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1/2 Cup dry cider
1 tablespoon cider venigar
3 tablespoons fresh dills chopped
A pinch of ground black pepper
This serves 4 – 6

Slice the cucumbers thinly and place them in a colander, sprinkling salt between each layer. Set the colander over a bowl to drain the water for about 30 minutes.
Then rinse the cucumbers under cold running water to remove excess salt
Pat dry on absorbent paper towels.
Gently heat the sugar, cider and vinegar in a saucepan until the sugar has dissolved.
Remove from heat and let cool. Put cucumber slices in a bowl, pour the cider mixture over them and let marinade for 1 hour.
Drain the cucumbers and sprinkle with dill and black pepper to taste.

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