11 Steps To a Better Controlled High Blood Pressure

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11 Steps To a Better Controlled High Blood Pressure


SYSTOLIC – 120 (Pressure generated by the Heart when it beats)
DIASTOLIC – 80 (Pressure in your vessels when the Heart is at rest)

A person is said to have High Blood Pressure when the above numbers rise to 140/90 or above. At this point doctors may prescribe drugs to help control or reduce the pressure.

When High Blood Pressure is not controlled it can result to Heart Failure, Stroke, Heart Attack, and Kidney Failure.

Many people do not know they have High Blood Pressure. You are therefore advised to check your Blood Pressure regularly with your doctor or buy your personal kit you can use at home.
Experts are at a loss why some people have it and others don’t, but it seems to run in families.

1.  Weight loss is one of the most effective way to control High Blood Pressure.

2.  Exercise regularly. At most 30 minutes everyday, like walking or running if you can.

3.  Eat healthy diet. Write down what you eat even for just a week so you can follow up. Boost the
niutrents in your food by eating fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, omega 3 rich
seafood and healthy oils rather taking supplements.

4.  Reduce sodium and sugar in your diet. Read labels. Eat fewer processed foods.

5.  Limit intake of alcohol.

6.  Quit smoking.

7.  Cut back on coffee if you are sensitive to it.

8.  Reduce your stress, learn to say no.

9.  Take time to relax doing healthy things that is good for you and you enjoy.

10. Practice gratitude. Do not grumble. Expressing gratitude to others can help reduce stressful

11. Get support from people around you. Eating and sharing healthy meals with family or exercise
with friends and family.

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